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All parishioners - children, youth and adults - are encouraged to participate in both church sponsored and community sponsored events and groups.

Prayer Partners

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Like many of the ministries of St. Michael's, Prayer Partners was begun by a parishioner. It's a quiet but vital ministry, flourishing now for over ten years, and involving many parishioners. A ministry of pastoral care, it provides continual support through personal prayer for our Rector, our Vestry and our Staff (both parish and school), all of whom have two Prayer Partners praying for them throughout the year.

You're a natural Prayer Partner if you're called to intercessory prayer. We pray for St. Michael's as a body when we worship, but Prayer Partners offer prayer personally, regularly and with special intention for those who lead and run our parish. The ministry operates by the calendar year. Those who volunteer now commit to pray for two partners throughout 2014. Volunteers will receive two names later this fall, giving them time to acquaint themselves with their partners and learn about particular prayer needs.

You don't have to come to the church to be a Prayer Partner. You don't have to follow a schedule or attend any meetings, ever! You may offer prayers at the times and places that you choose, and you may use the forms of prayer you find most natural. It might be easiest for you to incorporate these intercessory prayers into your regular daily prayer time. You might offer a prayer while you're waiting in a line or stopped for a red light, as I do. You might add a special prayer to your thanksgiving before meals. Any time is a good time to offer a prayer for your Prayer Partners.

We do it because prayer holds up those for whom we pray, strengthening them for the work they do for the Church, helping them with difficult decisions, guiding them through tough times. Anyone who has been the recipient of such prayers can attest to the reality of this spiritual power.

You can help! Sign up on the list in the Narthex, or contact Karen Miller at (859)273-8357 or If you're already a Prayer Partner and want to continue participating in this important ministry, please sign up again.

Questions? Ask Karen.

United Thank Offering

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the Little Blue Box
What are you thankful for?  How do you express these thanks? One way is to use a little blue box from the United Thank Offering (UTO) and by dropping in a coin when an unexpected blessing comes your way. The UTO was begun over a century ago by two churchwomen in Pennsylvania and has spread worldwide with blue boxes now being used by men, women and children. Twice each year, there is an Ingathering and our coins join many others to award grants for many outreach programs. Our Diocese has been the beneficiary of these grants in a number of our parishes, as well as programs like Reading Camp and St. Agnes House.

Many count their coins and write a check for the amount and memo it UTO. If you do not have a blue box, they can be found on the table in the Narthex or in the office window.

Money for Ministry

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Over 200 grocery stores, book stores, office supply stores, pet supply stores, hotels, restaurants and other businesses donate a portion of your purchases when you use gift cards from our "Money for Ministry" table. Kroger, Walmart/Sam's Club, Meijer, Lowe's, Home Depot, Amazon, iTunes, Speedway and Shell are some of the most popular cards. On a local level, St. Michael's works directly with Joseph-Beth Booksellers, McDonald's, Bluegrass Hospitality Group (Malone's, Sal's, related restaurants) and others. Cards range in value from $10 through $250 or more with the most common denomination being $25. On average, businesses donate about 6% of what the purchaser spends.

For example:
  • You purchase a $25 gift card at the Money for Ministry table for a business where you already shop.
  • The business donates about $1.50 to St. Michael's.
  • You use the card to make $25 in purchases from that business.
Although the donation in this example is a small amount of money, the donations are very meaningful collectively. In 2012 the program raised over $12,000 for St. Michael's ministries.

We procure most national chain gift cards through Great Lakes Scrip (> You may visit Great Lakes Scrip to see what cards they offer, or just stop by the Money for Ministry table in the Narthex on Sundays.

Kroger cards may be repeatedly recharged at the store. Most other rechargeable cards must be both purchased and recharged at the Money for Ministry table for St. Michael's to receive a donation.

To get started, or to find out more, stop by the Money for Ministry table in the Narthex this Sunday. We keep the most popular cards in stock. If we don't have the cards you want, we are happy to order them for you. We usually receive ordered cards in less than a week. Certain stores support e-cards which are available electronically. E-cards may either be printed at the table or sent to your e-mail account. During the week, call the church office or email us at

Plastic Cards are currently available for these stores and restaurants: Ace Hardware; bd's Mongolian Grill; Best Buy; Bob Evans; Bonefish Grill; BP; Burger King; Chipotle; Cinemark; Cracker Barrel; Denny's; Dick's Sporting Goods; Dillard's; Donato's; Fazoli's; Game Stop; HomeGoods; iTunes; JoAnn Fabrics; Joseph-Beth; Kohl's; Kroger; L.L. Bean; Marshall's; Meijer; Michael's; Office Depot; Outback; Panera; Papa John's; Papa Murphy's; PetSmart; P.F. Chang's; Pizza Hut; Qdoba; Red Robin; Rite Aid; Sam's Club; Shell; Smashburger; Speedway; Staples; Steak n' Shake; Subway; SuperAmerica; Talbot's; TJ Maxx; Texas Roadhouse; Tony Roma's; Toys R Us; Ulta; Walgreen's; Walmart; Wendy's; Whole Foods.

Other items are currently available for these restaurants: Dairy Queen (Blizzard or Cone: 350 Virginia Ave. only); McDonald's (coupon books).

The following "electronic" cards are now always available: Amazon; Applebee's; Banana Republic; Barnes & Noble (including Nook Books); Bath & Body Works; Build-a-Bear Workshop; Cheesecake Factory; Chili's; Gap; Groupon; Home Depot; iTunes; J.C. Penney; KMart; Land's End; Logan's; Lowe's; O'Charley's, Old Navy; Pottery Barn; Regal Theatres; Sears; Starbucks; TGI Friday's; Williams Sonoma.

The following cards can now be reloaded at church: Banana Republic; Bath & Body Works; Buffalo Wild Wings; Burger King; Comfort/Choice Hotels; Gap; Hyatt; J.C. Penney's; Lowe's; Old Navy; Papa John's; Speedway, Starbucks; Whole Foods.

The following cards can be reloaded at the store: Kroger.
The following website contributes a portion of online purchases to St. Michael's: Amazon (if you link from our website or us the quick-link: See more about the Amazon program.

Thank you for supporting St. Michael's ministries.

Amazon Purchases

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Support St. Michael's through
Amazon was St. Michael's first Money for Ministries program. Support St. Michael's ministries after linking to Amazon from this page when making most Amazon purchases (Kindle books are excluded). This contribution is in addition to the support Amazon offers through gift cards purchased from St. Michael's Money for Ministry program.

To raise the most funds for St. Michael's ministries, first purchase an Amazon gift card at the Money for Ministries table for the approximate amount of your expected purchase (in $10 increments). St. Michael's ministries receive a portion of your gift card price. When you have your gift card, link to Amazon from this page. If you do not already have an Amazon account then create one. Apply your gift card to your Amazon account. Complete your purchase(s). Amazon will apply the balance of your Amazon account toward your purchase and send St. Michael's ministries a portion of the purchase price.

Thank you for supporting St. Michael's ministries.

Our Operating Budget

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St. Michael's encourages every member household to participate in our common ministries through their prayers, their presence and through their financial support. Although all contributions are accepted, each household is encouraged to make a financial pledge to the annual operating budget.  Commitment forms are also available at the Verger's stand in the Narthex; just complete the form and drop it into a collection bag or mail it to the office (2025 Bellefonte Drive).  Or, if you would like to make a pledge by phone, call the parish office at (859) 277-7511 to register your commitment.

Thank you.

Planned Giving & Endowment

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The endowment fund
was established by the Vestry to enable the parish to fulfill its mission more completely. The purpose of the endowment fund is to develop and enhance Parish properties and ministries beyond what is possible through annual operating contributions. It is the intent of the Vestry and Trustees that expenditures will be for purposes other than general operating expenses. The endowment is funded by bequests, honorariums, and other commemorative gifts. The Endowment board promotes planned giving as a method of providing for the church beyond our lifetime while receiving the greatest tax advantages for your gift. To find more about  Planned Giving and the Endowment please contact Our Endowment Chair, Ms. Madeleine Baugh.


Historically, our parish has been long on talent part of stewardship, but short on treasure. The willingness to work and weather the financial storms together has added immeasurably to the closeness of our parish family. Since the parish is a relatively new one by many Episcopal Church standards, there is no "old money" to fund large endowments, and the brunt of financial support has come from young middle class families. As we have exceeded a half century of life, we look to the future and the possibilities of expanding our mission through a Planned Giving Program. This fact, and good spiritual leadership over the years, brought parishioners together in working for a common goal of spreading God’s kingdom from this “holy hill in southeast Lexington”.

Since there is no "old money" to fund a large endowment it is the hope that Planned Giving will help St. Michael’s grow in the years ahead. While Planned Giving offers no immediate big money, it will allow us to look to the future to build a better St. Michael’s to carry on God’s work in the local and worldwide community.


  1. To strengthen St. Michael’s service.
  2. To educate parishioners about gift planning with its place and benefits for their lives and the life of the Church.
  3. To encourage the clergy, leaders and members of the congregation to make planned gifts and to facilitate the making of gifts.
  4. To systematically increase the financial resources available to St. Michael’s for the work of God in the world.


PLANNED GIVING refers to making a gift of assets that normally entails more planning and consideration than merely writing a check out of current income.  Such a gift can be in any form, for any purpose, and given either currently or on a deferred basis. The donor’s charitable intentions are carried out while at the time supporting the donor’s long term financial interests.



  • Allowing assets such as cash, securities, objects of value, and real estate to be transferred to St. Michael’s, often with significant tax advantages: A life estate allows a donor to give a home to the charity while retaining the use of it for life.


  • Providing for loved ones, St. Michael’s, and others through a provision in the donor’s will or living trust.


  • Making a large gift with very little cost by:
    • giving an existing policy to St. Michael’s;
    • purchasing a new policy and giving it to St. Michael’s;
    • designating St. Michael’s as a beneficiary of a policy.


  • Allowing a donor to receive income for life while making a major gift to St. Michael’s through:
    • a unitrust where the income may vary annually;
    • an annuity trust where the income never changes.
  • For smaller gifts a POLLED INCOME FUND or GIFT ANNUITY offers similar features and benefits.


  • Allows a gift of assets to be made now and retrieve those assets later if it becomes necessary.


  • Allowing a donor to give income to St. Michael’s for a period of years but have the assets later returned to a family member or other beneficiary.


  • All of the mechanisms mentioned above can include a loving tribute to a friend or loved one in whose name the gift is made.


Contact us at to let us know your interests about Planned Giving or that you have included us in Your Plan; or contact one of the Trustees.

Planned Giving and Endowment Fund Board of Trustees
  • Madeleine Baugh (Chair)
  • John Davis
  • Duncan Hart
  • Charlie Shanks
  • Steve Thurn (Ex-Officio)
  • Mother Laurie Brock (Ex-Officio)
For further information about planned giving you may contact one of the trustees or send an email to

NOTE: For advice and assistance concerning specific gifts we strongly suggest the services of an attorney, accountant or other professional adviser be obtained to maximize the benefits of your gift.

Seasonal Emphasis

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St. Michael's strives to highlight at least one outreach project per season to involve parishioners. By participating in these outreach ministries we enlarge our understanding of the needs of our community. These method of participation varies based on the needs of the emphasis.

Office Ministers

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Many of the daily activities of the church, from answering the phone to maintaining the prayer list would not get done if it were not for our volunteer office ministers. A dedicated group of parishioners assist in the office duties each week. We are always happy to have anyone volunteer to be a regular or to be on our substitute list. Office ministers are always needed and appreciated. There is plenty to do. We divide the shifts into half or full office-day slots: 9:00 AM to Noon, Noon to 3:00 PM, or 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Mondays through Fridays.

If you would like to help in this ministry to our church please phone the parish office.

God's Pantry

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St. Michael's collects food for God's Pantry. Bring cans or boxed non-perishable items for the blue food barrel in the hallway off the Narthex.

Would you like to make a food donation but don't want to or unable to haul around a bunch of food? Donate to God’s Pantry online.

VA Bingo

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On the first Thursday of every month between 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM, for over 37 years a dedicated group of parishioners from our church has volunteered and provided recreational therapy to disabled military veterans in Lexington's VA hospitals. We play Bingo (as you've never seen it played before) for quarters which the vet's use to purchase sodas, snacks or other items from the Canteen. We bring sandwiches, snacks, desserts and drinks to share after the games. While playing Bingo, we provide our ears to listen to their stories and sometimes their frustrations in a caring, nonjudgmental fellowship that provides us all with a little dose of nourishment for the soul. Our games are played on their Mental/Behavioral Health ward. With 6 years of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we are seeing more and more young vet's on the ward, many of them in their 20's. VA Bingo is held on Ward 4 South at the Lexington Veteran's Hospital at 1101 Veterans Drive (off Cooper Drive). We meet outside the ward and enter as a group. We'd really love to have you join us! Bring a roll of quarters and something to eat (we always need sugar-free items as many are diabetic) or drink (no caffeine allowed). Even if you can’t join us, donations to our “Bingo Quarter Fund” are always greatly appreciated.

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